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Unitraverse Desktop Productivity Application - Version 1.4

Window panes

The main content area will show the content window panes, and content items will appear inside a window pane.

The locator path

Above each window pane is the locator path. It is quite like the navigation path you might see on a website or like a directory path. It is clickable, selectable and when you push the ENTER key while one of it's components is selected it brings you to the ancestor node location for that component. In the image below, for example, the "Games and Entertainment" segment is selected and is an ancestor node that can be accessed using this particular locator path...

Location forward and back buttons

At the upper right side of an active window pane are forward and back buttons to allow you to quickly get to prevous locations, or go forward, returning to visited locations that have been backed out of.

Using multiple panes

When you need more than one view of something, or just need to view different vault lattice locations simultaneously, press the 'w' shortcut key to open a new content window pane. When you do this, the new window pane appears, showing the same vault and vault location that is being viewed in the current active window.

An active window pane has the location forward and back buttons and a thick border. Notice that the non-active window pane does not have these.

Once you have added the new window, you can navigate to some other location in the second window while holding your initial position in the other non-active windows. This makes copy and paste operations much more convenient!

Keyboard input will be directed toward the currently active window pane; this is the pane with the thick border and forward and back history buttons showing at the upper right. For version 1.4 and higher, the RIGHT and LEFT ARROW keys will now let you change the active window, cycling through the window order, while the UP and DOWN ARROW keys retain their original purpose as a way to cycle through the tabs inside a window.

Clicking on a non-active window will make it the active window.

Once you use this system a while, it will become extremely easy and quick to use.

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