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What is the UD App?

The Unitraverse Desktop Productivity Application is a desktop/laptop application that provides a simple and powerful way to keep track of things in a busy and complex work environment. It offers custom workflows and lists, tracking of documents and web URLs in the same environment inside the browser.

Have a first look at the Unitraverse Desktop app, and it's main features here: UD App intro page WebSnatcher is a bookmarking tool that gives you control over the way bookmarks are organized.

System requirements

In order to use the Unitraverse Desktop app, you must have the following:

On Windows

  • Windows 7, 8.1, or 10
  • Python 2.7 or 3.10
  • Chrome browser 49 (or later) or FireFox 60 (or later)

On Mac

  • Mac Mountain Lion (later OS X versions probably work, but not tested)
  • Python 2.7 or 3.10
  • Chrome browser 49 (or later) or FireFox 60 (or later)

Test drive the app online!

You can try the online demo version of the UD App right now! The UI and some of it's functionality is available with this online version, but saving data is currently unsupported. The demo was intended for systems that meet the prereq requrements above. The online demo app will also be limited further until the Web Helper browser extension is installed.

To test drive UD App online go here: test-drive

To install the Web Helper browser extension for Chrome, visit the UD app Chrome extension Google Web Store listing:

To install the Web Helper extension for Firefox, follow these instructions: Installing Web Helper for Firefox

Malware concerns

Malware is a real issue these days and because it is impossible to know who the bad actors are and often difficult to determine what code is malicious, it has become necessary for a software company without an established reputation that seeks a wider adoption, to make their products available as human readable source code. That is the approach we have taken ... Read more...

Warning about unencrypted data and the Web Helper browser extension

Installing and running a Unitraverse Web Helper browser extension is not private and can be associated with risks of eavesdropping and data theft. If you are not operating behind a firewall, (in other words if you are not using the Web Helper and udagent or cloundagent in a secure network where all endpoints are protected by a fire wall), then anyone can potentially see your data. The Web Helper extensions for FireFox® and Chrome currently do not use data encryption, and both your stored vault items and any internet activity happening via the browser client is available to anyone who has the ability to sniff packets that you send and recieve

Please do not keep passwords or login credentials in a vault. Also, it is not recommended to keep sensitive or confidential information in a vault.

Whereas most desktop implementations will not route data packets to 'localhost' in such a way that they are visible externally, we recommend an overabundance of caution when it comes to your confidential and sensitive data.

Data loss prevention

The issue of data loss concerns both individuals and corporate users who invest time and money into the systems and data content they depend on. It is critically important that backup versions of your vault data is created and stored, so that you can roll back unwanted changes in case something goes wrong. Catastrophic data loss might conceivably occur if backup copies of your data are not continuously generated for each edition of a vault.

To highlight the importance of this issue, some examples of real-world data loss can be found here:

While currently the UD App does not provide automatic data backups, a developer can easily add a line to the python file that will kick off a git command from python to automatically save the various copies of your data vault at the time of each edit. No data can be saved without using the udagent, so this auto-backup strategy would go a long way toward mitigating human error and natural disasters that can lead to data loss.

To learn more about data safety strategies used in the UD Application read the Unitraverse Client Application Data Safety white paper.

Privacy policy

To view the privacy policy go here: Privacy policy page

Free Trial Period (payment reminders after the trial)

You will have a 45-day evaluation period to make sure it is working on your system, and that it is valuable to you. During this time the usage of the application will be without cost, and will not come with any pay reminders. After the trial period, there will be occasional reminders that the trial period is over and that it is time to register your instance of the UD App.

License Agreement

To view the end user licensing agreement here: License (v 1.4)


To get the convenient set-up scripts for your platform, go to this Download page


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